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David Gunner (Jnr)

David Gunner (Jnr)

Hello everybody! My name is David Gunner. Most people call me 'Gunner', mainly because it is my surname and we have too many Dave's in the family! So feel free. I am a qualified Full Stack Web Developer and gained my Diploma in 'Full Stack Web Development' with Code Institute. I am skilled in HTML/CSS, JS, JQuery, AngularJS, MongoDB, Flask, Heroku, MySQL, Python, Django and more.. If you are interested in finding out more then please see the Portolio section below, it contains my final projects that have been submitted for marking, for my stream one, two and three projects set by the Code Institute brief. Also contained will be a link to the code on Github for each portfolio project. Also if you would like to get in touch with me then please feel free to do so with one of the social links below. Thanks.


Full Stack Diploma Certificate
Stream One Final Project
Band Site
Stream One Final Project
Data Dashboard
Stream Two Final Project
Gamers Hub Site
Stream Three Final Project

Bop The Bad Elf
Bop The Bad Elf - Google Play
Game Jam - Trapped
Trapped - Game Jam Entry
Invasion - Space Invaders Clone
FizzBuzz Challenge
Invasion - Space Invaders Clone

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