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Aug 30, 2023

Harnessing Next.js in Visual Studio Code: The Ultimate Web Development Guide

Explore the synergy between Next.js and Visual Studio Code, delving into the features, benefits, and resources that enhance web development and application performance.

David Gunner (Jnr)

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Aug 15, 2023

Node.js in 2023: Comprehensive Guide to Benefits, Use Cases, and More

Dive into the world of Node.js in 2023. Explore its history, key features, and practical applications, and discover why it's a top choice for modern web development.

David Gunner (Jnr)

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April 7, 2023

Why Complete Beginners Should Learn the Basics of JavaScript

Discover why learning JavaScript is crucial for beginners to excel in web development, unlock diverse career opportunities, and gain a solid foundation in programming skills.

David Gunner (Jnr)