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Welcome To GUNNERStudios


David Gunner (Jnr)

May 5, 2021

A Little About who I Am

Hi, I am GUNNERStudios founder and owner, David Gunner.

I am currently self-employed for a company called 'Media Orb' as an SEO Executive and a Digital Marketer. Outside of my 9 - 5 job, I am also a partner in a business as an SEO Executive and Digital Marketer as well, for a company called 'KAP SEO Services'.

I am deeply passionate about computing and anything in IT. I have self-taught myself about building personal computers and repairing them for family members and friends, I pursued my passion and gained a diploma in Full-Stack Software Development to further my knowledge.

This qualification has made me skilled in technologies such as HTML(5)/CSS(3), JavaScript/jQuery, AngularJS, MongoDB, Flask, Heroku and more. I am a father to two beautiful young daughters and I spend time teaching my eldest daughter about programming and we look into a little game making as well, we use programs such as 'Scratch' and websites such as an 'Hour of code', as well as the creative mode in games like Fortnite.

My youngest daughter and I have fun together when we do various activities that are enjoyable for both of us. I am acknowledged by friends and family for being very easygoing and have a very relaxed personality, people start chatting with me right away, and they say it’s easy to talk to me because they feel like we already know each other.

What is the Purpose of These Blogs?

I will be creating these blog posts with the sole purpose of being able to share my experiences and knowledge gained during my time in Web Development, Software Development, SEO and Digital Marketing.

Hopefully, some of these experiences can help some people when they are having an issue, or just for entertainment purposes, how a certain process was done or just to give some advice that helped me when I was in a similar position to where someone reading may be. When you're just getting started with life as a web developer, it's important to know where you currently stand when it comes to your skills.

Isn't it? It is quite easy to learn new web development skills, but you need to make sure that you have the right direction of learning everything first.

So, what do people think about software developers these days? Well, they are highly rated workers.

They stand out among all other professions. You may ask "What do they do?" Software developers are the ones who are making a living out of coding.

If you ask me, I would say that software developers are the most sought-after professionals these days. They always have something to do.

What exactly is software development? Well, software development is the process of making codes from scratch to create something that you want.

The person responsible for coding is called a software developer. Every piece of software that we see today has been developed by a software developer.

In the case of web software, it is usually created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript codes, plus as technology has advanced there are many more efficient and useful frameworks out there to help speed up development. Software developers can both work as independent contractors or employees in a company or business.

Regardless of where they work, it’s still the same job – to create code that will be used in creating different applications and products. They may choose to specialise in different items, either desktop applications or web applications.

What to Expect in Future Posts on the Blog

I am a very detailed person, so I will be very specific in my blog posts, and explain what I did to achieve a certain outcome for whatever subject I am posting about.

I might not always provide any code or scripts as for some work tools I am bound by an NDA and this breaks many terms of service that developers may use on their projects. I will however talk about working with code/software/API's etc.

where necessary. I don't tend to use vague titles for my blog posts, and try to give as much detail as possible in the title when possible to make it more friendly towards search engines, for example:

"A beginners guide to getting set up with Node.js and NPM"

If you see a blog post with the above title, you'll know it's a beginner guide to making sure everything's set up and ready to go with Node.js and NPM.js, usually, I start with a personal story or something that helped me with the beginning process when I was learning that subject matter.

I will be providing information, tips and advice that I have learned from my experience and research around the subject. My posts are mostly about the following subjects, but overall, there will be no set topics for these blog posts and they might cover anything from the following:

• Web Development

• Software Development

• Tool Creation


• Digital Marketing

What Services do you Offer With the Business you are a Part of?

KAP SEO Services offer a whole host of services that are listed below:

• Local SEO

• Citation Building & Audits

• Google & Bing Maps

• Technical Website Audits

• Content Creation & Copywriting

• Content Audits

• Competitor Analysis

• Traffic Drop Assessments & Recovery

• Pay Per Click

• Social Media

• SEO Strategy

• White Label SEO & Consultancy

• and more...

Our company’s main purpose is to provide a wide range of skills to help companies succeed.

We are aware of the importance of local search engine optimization (SEO). As a company, we will work with you to determine the right keywords and help you reach your target customer.

We will additionally explore your visual appearance on websites like Google Maps or Bing Maps, We have found that this is a good strategy to ensuring your name being ranked higher in search results. Therefore, we aim to maintain the accuracy of your information and update it regularly to bring in more leads.

And, if you need help with auditing your existing social media presence or creating engaging content for your customers, we’ve got you covered.


So, I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and learning a little more about me and what exactly it is that I do for a living.

I am always looking for new challenges to get involved in, and I'm sure you all will enjoy reading my blog posts. I hope to see many of you back here again when my next blog post rolls alongside.

All the best. David Gunner - GUNNERStudios Thanks for reading.