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Full Stack Software Development Diploma Certificate


David Gunner (Jnr)

Feb 5, 2018

For my Stream 1 Project - Band Site, I had to create a website based on a fictitious band to demonstrate some of the frontend technologies, such as AngularJS.

The Stream 2 Project was challenging, as it required me not only build the backend with python and handle huge datasets with MongoDB, but also work with Front-End Technologies like Bootstrap which is used for page layouts.

For my Final Project, I worked on Gamershub. This was a full-stack Django app that had to be deployed on Heroku and use the Paypal/Stripe payments API for the checkout process for the online shop. It also includes user registration/login functionality as well as the ability to create blog posts, among other features such as changing the sites theme and more.

I'm an ambitious web developer who loves to keep up-to-date on emerging technologies. Each project below has a link to the code repository on Github and brief overviews.

View a PDF copy of the Full Stack Software Development Diploma.

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